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Military Report on the Sinai Peninsula
Towards 'An English Fourth'
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text
Paperback edition
'The Mint' and Later Writings About Service Life
Boats for the R.A.F. 1929-1935
reports and correspondence


The Forest Giant


Correspondence with Bernard and Charlotte Shaw
Correspondence with E. M. Forster and F.L. Lucas
More Correspondence with Writers
Correspondence with Edward and David Garnett
Correspondence with Henry Williamson
Translating the Bruce Rogers 'Odyssey'
Correspondence with the Political Elite 1922-1935


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T. E. Lawrence, 'The Mint', and
Later Writings about Service Life

Selected by Jeremy and Nicole Wilson

Paperback edition
Introduction by Jeremy Wilson
Published by J. and N. Wilson for T. E. Lawrence Studies


The Mint

Lawrence's second book, The Mint, consists of two autobiographical fragments. The first recounts his experiences as an RAF recruit at Uxbridge in 1922. The second describes his life as an aircraftman at Cranwell in 1925–6.

The Uxbridge chapters were to have opened a much longer book about the RAF, but he abandoned the project.

Some years later he began to think of extending The Mint. The enlarged version would cover the remainder of his service in the ranks from 1927 to 1935. For source-material, he would draw on letters to friends.

He did not live to do this, and The Mint – which contains some of his best writing – was finally published as it stood in 1955.

While working on their edition of Lawrence’s letters, Jeremy and Nicole Wilson made a selection from the many passages about his lif in the RAF, arranging them in the form of a diary. These 'Later Writings About Service Life' were first published in 2009. Read as a sequel to The Mint, they provide in Lawrence's own words a far more satisfactory account of his RAF years. They also help explain his affection for service life.

The edition is rounded off by passages from letters about The Mint. These set out the history of the text and Lawrence's attitude towards it.



Note: 'T. E. Lawrence Studies' paperbacks are printed on good-quality paper in the same format and type-size as Castle Hill Press 'Library Editions'.

Paperback binding

ISBN: 9780954641825

Page size 234 X 156 mm, 338 pages. Illustrated wrappers.


  • pp. i-xxviii preliminaries, including contents list and an introduction by Jeremy Wilson (pp. ix-xvii).
  • pp. 1-150 T. E. Lawrence. The Mint, text of the edition first published for general circulation in 1955, which incorporates amendments Lawrence made between 1928 and 1935.
  • pp. 151-266 T. E. Lawrence, Later Writings About Service Life, selected by Jeremy and Nicole Wilson
  • pp. 267-304 Extracts from Lawrence's letters about The Mint

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