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T. E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text

Two-volume paperback edition
Edited with a Foreword by Jeremy Wilson
Published by J. and N. Wilson for T. E. Lawrence Studies


Seven Pillars of Wisdom   Seven Pillars of Wisdom


 "The Work is a masterpiece, one of the few very best of its kind in the world." Bernard Shaw, writing about the 1922 Text to Stanley Baldwin, then Prime Minister.

Background to this two-volume-volume paperback edition

In 1997 we published a large-format limited edition of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text. This contained a 'best text' edited from Lawrence's manuscript and his amended copy of the Oxford Times proof printing. The 1997 edition was the first publication of the 1922 text of Seven Pillars anywhere in any form.

In 2003 we published a one-volume Library Edition, followed in 2004 by a hardback under our trade imprint J. and N. Wilson. These 2003/4 editions contained a new 49-page scholarly index by Hazel Bell, which won Britain's top indexing award.

Paperback edition, 2014

Our aim in this paperback edition has been to reproduce the text in a readable form. We have therefore used the same page-size and typesetting as our 2003-4 hardback editions. There are some revisions to the text. Notably, the index has been amended with the help of the Japanese translators, who researched every place-name in the book and drew attention to some variant spellings previously overlooked (we have also amended these in the text). Thanks to various suggestions by other readers and some rethinking of our own, there are a few further changes.

There is a new Foreword by Jeremy Wilson, and Lawrence's 1917 essay 'Twenty-seven Articles' has been added as an appendix.

The book is in two volumes, like our 1997 edition. Given the relatively large page-size, the binding of a one-volume paperback over 900 pages long would be unsatisfactory.

Buyer beware!

On Amazon, Abebooks and elsewhere you will find other editions claiming to contain the 1922 text of Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Before ordering one of these you should read the comments by disappointed customers.

We have received numerous complaints about these editions. We are not responsible for what they contain, nor for the numerous errors that occured when their OCR scans from our edition were not properly checked.

In our view these editions are a piracy of our editorial work. In the UK their sale infringes copyright law. 

None of these editions contain either the award-winning index or the maps.


2-volume paperback binding

ISBN: 9780954641818

Page size 234 X 156 mm, 924 pages: Vol. 1, 458p; Vol. II, 466p. Illustrated wrappers.


Volume I:

  • pp. i-xxviii preliminaries, including contents list with synopsis, and a Foreword by Jeremy Wilson (pp. xx-xxvii).
  • pp. 1-245 T. E. Lawrence's 1922 text of Seven Pillars, Introduction and Books I-V
  • 4 maps at rear

Volume II:

  • pp. i-ix preliminaries, including the synopsis and contents list for Volume II
  • pp. 246-813 T. E. Lawrence's 1922 text of Seven Pillars, Books VI-X
  • pp. 814-827: Appendixes I and II from the subscribers' abridgement of Seven Pillars, i.e. nominal rolls and information from Lawrence's pocket diaries for 1917-18; Appendix III, Lawrence's 'Twenty-Seven Articles' pp. 820-27.
  • pp. 821-870 the award-winning index by Hazel K. Bell
  • 4 maps at rear

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