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Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text
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Correspondence with the Political Elite 1922-1935


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T. E. Lawrence, Correspondence with E. M. Forster and F. L. Lucas

Edited by Jeremy and Nicole Wilson

Fine-press edition of 377 numbered copies printed for subscribers

T. E. Lawrence Letters, Volume V

Castle Hill Press, 2010


The main part of this volume consists of Lawrence's correspondence with E.M. Forster together with their published writings about one another. Forster was one of the most important critics of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, during the period that Lawrence was making the subscribers' abridgement. Lawrence was one of the few friends to whom Forster showed his 'unpublishable' short stories. One of these, 'Doctor Woolacott,' is printed here in the early draft sent to Lawrence in 1927 - together with Lawrence's detailed comments.

The edition also includes Forster's draft pre-war section of the collection of Lawrence letters that he began editing in 1936. He later withdrew from the project for fear of libel actions, and it was taken over by David Garnett. The difference in approach between the two editors is interesting. Although, in the event, Garnett's edition was a fine piece of work, it is a pity that we cannot see how Forster would have completed his version.

The critic and writer F.L. Lucas, a friend of Forster's, was, like Forster, a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Lawrence was deeply impressed by Lucas's published poetry and asked Forster to arrange an introduction. The two corresponded occasionally for several years.

Both Forster and Lucas dedicated books to Lawrence.

This is one of the most important volumes in the T.E. Lawrence Letters series. It includes a number of previously unpublished letters, in addition to detailed editorial notes and a scholarly index.  

quarter-cloth style
Standard quarter-cloth binding


Edition limited to 377 numbered copies.  

Tall octavo, trimmed page-size 282 x 176 mm. Typeset in Garamond by Castle Hill Press. Printed on high-quality acid-free paper.

 xvi+312 = 328 pages, coloured frontis. portrait, index

Standard bindings

225 copies

  1. The subscribers' cloth binding, no longer available, was produced forlong-term subscribers, enabling them to continue building sets in the same binding-style. For a similar binding without the gilt top-edge and dust-jacket, see the full-cloth library binding below.   
  2. Quarter-cloth fine binding, using a traditional design that we introduced in 1997 for Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text.  Cream Rohalbleinen canvas spine with Fabriano Tiziano sides; leather spine label, top edge stained, head and tail bands. Issued without dust-jacket. 
    ISBN: 9781873141
  3. Full-cloth library binding (illustrated below), intended for institutions where the volume may be subjected to heavier use. Library suppliers should consider ordering this binding, which is the same as the subscribers' cloth binding except that the top edge is stained not gilt. Issued without dust-jacket.
  4. ISBN: 9781873141

library cloth

Full-cloth library binding

Additional content in the special issues below

The quarter-goatskin and full-goatskin copies contain 24 pages of correspondence about Forster's abandoned edition of Lawrence's letters.

Quarter-goatskin binding

45 copies, numbered 41-85, bound in quarter brown goatskin with brown cloth sides; top edge gilt, hand-marbled end-papers. Issued in a card slip-case.

This is a series binding: all volumes in the T.E. Lawrence Letters series are offered bound in a similar quarter-goatskin binding.

ISBN: 9781873141632


Quarter-goatskin binding

Full-goatskin binding

40 copies, numbered 1-40, bound in full goatskin. All edges gilt, hand-marbled end-papers, head and tail bands. In rigid cloth-covered slip-case.  

ISBN: 9781873141649

full goatskin
Full-goatskin binding

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