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Military Report on the Sinai Peninsula
Towards 'An English Fourth'
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text
Paperback edition
'The Mint' and Later Writings About Service Life
Boats for the R.A.F. 1929-1935
reports and correspondence


The Forest Giant


Correspondence with Bernard and Charlotte Shaw
Correspondence with E. M. Forster and F.L. Lucas
More Correspondence with Writers
Correspondence with Edward and David Garnett
Correspondence with Henry Williamson
Translating the Bruce Rogers 'Odyssey'
Correspondence with the Political Elite 1922-1935


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From editor to publisher

Jeremy Wilson

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History of the edition


Long before completing Lawrence of Arabia, The Authorised Biography in 1989 I had started collecting material for a major scholarly edition of T.E. Lawrence's correspondence. However, I could not find a publisher. 

  • Mainstream trade publishers were willing to consider a volume of selected letters, but the market for major scholarly editions is far too small to be profitable.
  • Academic publishers were only interested if I could provide the finished text. To get to that point I would have to find some way to pay for research and editorial work.

In neither case could I expect the eventual royalties to cover the cost of research and editing.

Generally, university research funds are available for such work, but the life and career of T.E. Lawrence crossed many academic demarcations. Therefore, no university departmentment feels that his life falls within its legitimate sphere. Reasonably enough, departments reserve their limited research funds for projects that do.

Finally, with my wife Nicole, I set up Castle Hill Press. We would finance the research by publishing the volumes to fine-press standards and selling the bulk of the editions direct. Normally, a large part of the retail price of a book goes to distributors and booksellers. Selling direct means that much more of the revenue from the edition can be used to fund research and editing.

We take great care over editorial work, aiming for high standards. Castle Hill Press books are issued in limited editions, typeset to fine-press standards and printed by high-quality printers. Bindings usually range from standard copies in cloth or quarter-cloth to goatskin 'specials' with additional content.

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